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This is a short video to quickly show you how to leverage your current time and or business to incredible potential.  You NEED to think outside the box.  Put your prejudice behind you for five minutes.

Put into perspective the current business environment with indifferent employees, high wages, low profits, expensive inventory, higher rent, and FEWER customers.  You need to maximize profit or close your business.

May I ask you a couple questions?

  • What is the impact range of your current business? Are most of your customers within 10 miles? How would you like global customers, even if you are a restaurant, gas station, gym, laundry mat, nutrition store, grocery store, theater, swap meet, or any public facing entity with foot traffic?
  • How much money are you making from your local customers when they leave the area?  Are you paid when they move across the state, country, or world?
  • When you retire, if that is possible, how much will you continue earning from your current customer base?
  • If you sell your business, will you continue to receive income from your current customer base.
  • Do you know the average person needs $5000 more this year just to do and have the same things they had two years ago?  How many people are you supporting?  How much more do you need, just to break even?

If it can be shown how to change your bottom line, even expanding it way beyond your current customer base, doing virtually what you are already doing, would you be interested?

We have a program that is a hybrid between traditional retail and affiliate marketing.  The following videos are specifically pertinent to brick-and-mortar business with foot traffic wanting or needing to change their bottom line.

It will take you an hour to watch all the below videos and read the documents to fully understand how you can use the system personally or professionally.  We are a full system with breakthrough technology not just another me too product.  Can you afford an hour to investigate what could potentially change your life?

We are a long-term opportunity in over 60 countries penetrating multiple billion-dollar industries, and YOU could receive income from any or all of them from your current business traffic.  Join our team with experience marketing over four billion dollars in products.

Once you join us, you can send other business partners to this website coded to you and potentially earn from their contacts.  Image your business, earning from a shoe store, that earns from a church, that earns from a gas station, that earns from a rug salesman in a far distant land.  Yes, nonprofits and fundraisers can use this system too.

Watch these videos and read the documents below, in sequence, to get a brief full overview:


  1. Brick and Mortar Invite - Invite Merchant PDF


  1. Incredible Business Opportunity
  2. Unlimited Retirement
  3. Technology Not Just One Product
  4. Example Product Presentation


  1. Brick and Mortar Strategy - Strategy for Brick and Mortar PDF
  2. Growth Potential Chart - Compounding PDF

From any of the above video webpages you can branch off into extensive information.  These videos are a small portion of the support system, selected specifically to inform brick and mortar owners.

If you decide to engage, contact the person who sent you to this video or you can follow links to a registration page where you can engage on your own.  You will automatically be given access to the full system coded to you for free once engaged.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video.  I hope you decide to join us.

Your income is dependent on commitment, effort, and sales skill along with where you live, your financial condition and other factors. No one is going to do the work for you.

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